http.james' Fingerprinting Experiment

Hi there, I'm a privacy web developer and researcher experimenting with browser fingerprinting and its efficacy both with and without Javascript interaction.

UPDATE: I've written an in-depth technical analysis on this experiment on my blog.

This experiment collects data about your browser for research purposes. It won't be shared with third-parties.

Version 6


  1. Open this site in normal browsing mode
  2. Open this site in private browsing mode
  3. Compare the hashes (do they match?)
  4. Check the "seen" counts (are they correct? e.g. is it more than it should be?)
  5. Optional: Tell me your hashes for further analysis

No Javascript Test

This fingerprint is compiled using connection and TLS data server-side.

Server Hash: 0fb5dd8e62905218a7c0e4ae06fd4f60

> Header Hash: 7f2c29bd1fb1e0dd0ee52c243a0a64e0

> TLS Hash: e07086b0f455e91edb56b21e904272aa

I've seen you 7 times.

Client Fingerprinting Test

This fingerprint solely uses Javascript to collect unique data points about your browser.

Font Hash: Loading...

I've seen you ... times.

Similarity Algorithm

If the above techniques fail, the similarity algorithm can scan through similar fingerprints and attempt to find your previous fingerprints, even if you try to spoof browser attributes. It can also learn over time and adapt to your fingerprints across multiple browsing profiles or similar browsers.

I think I identified you correctly.

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